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Lindsay Parmer

I teach people how to meditate and have a daily self-care practice. This ritual of self-care helps them feel happy, peaceful, connected, and living their best life!


Meditation helps you come home to yourself, the real you, the authentic you. It helps you to relieve stress, increase productivity, and creativity. It allows you to be less reactive in your daily life and sleep better. Practicing meditation is a radical form of self-care that helps you become more comfortable in your own skin.

Have a private meditation coaching session with Lindsay from anywhere in the world.


A three week online program for all women to learn self-care through creating daily rituals of meditation, essential oils, and journaling. This is not a parenting program. It’s a program for all women, all ages, and all walks of life. The Peaceful Mama Program runs every other month.

Self-Care Reboot

Spend 5 Days using Simple tools that easily fit into your lifestyle in order to:

  • Have more joy, energy, and mental clarity

  • Sleep better

  • Detox your system

  • Feel calmer and happier

  • Raise your vibration!

Co-creator of the High Vibe Cleanse, this 5 day self-care reboot helps change your vibe and elevate your mood.

Sleep Routine

Creating a sleep routine is crucial to get your body into the habit of releasing stress and getting restful sleep. You create a sleep routine so your body automatically knows it is time to relax and begin winding down from the day.

DoTerra Essential Oils

DoTERRA Essential Oils provide safe and  natural solutions to the toxic and harmful products in our world. They can also be used as a tool for healing,  physical relief, emotional support, mental reset and upliftment, and so much more.

For a more personalized approach to DoTERRA essential oils, click the button below for a FREE wellness consult to receive your individualized daily wellness plan.


Playing small doesn’t serve you or the world. It’s time to live your best life EVER!


  • Feeling stuck in your business?

  • Ready to bring a new idea  into the world?

  • Been waiting for the perfect time to go for your dreams?

  • Tired of doing the same thing and not getting anywhere?  

  • Not living your best life?

Have a private 45 minute coaching session via Zoom from anywhere in the world. A coaching session would involve looking at the areas in your life that need more love and attention. Create a plan together to help elevate and shift these areas by using tools like mindfulness, meditation, essential oils, creativity, and much more.


Lindsay Parmer is a meditation coach, yoga nidra leader, yoga teacher, DoTERRA essential oils mentor, Peaceful Mama Program creator, and mama of two boys.

Lindsay believes self-care is a must! Her mission is to help all women come home to their true self and live their best life.

She specializes in helping people learn how to relax and sleep better.


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